Ten nations, thousands of stories

ONE BSR Project calls together actors, who identify and market themselves as part of the Baltic Sea Region. In the absence of a strong common brand, we search for common commercial and cultural characteristics with a concrete “hands-on” approach. Come and join us!

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Newsletter 2/2014

NEWSLETTER 2/2014 One BSR Newsletter 2/2014 is published. You’re welcome to read the latest news here.

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A region of opportunities

Inward investment promotion professionals from around the Baltic Sea Region and beyond were brought together by the ONE BSR’s IPA […]

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How can talents increase the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region?

The global competition for talent is poised to become one of the most defining economic issue of the 21st century. […]

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Thunderstorms and tropical heat

It is already cooler outside, the first trees has turn into yellow. The children went back to school. It is dark outside already at 9pm. Rowan berries are red, apples will soon be ready, there are a lot of mushrooms … Read More

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Is boating bad for the baltic sea?

If you ask a leisure boater, the Finnish summer has been great. The weather in July-August has been phenomenal – though perhaps too hot or non-windy to some taste- but very welcome for most. Our longest trip was some two … Read More

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What Iceland is about

It has been quite a while since my last blog entry here; nevertheless I believe my excuse to be reasonable and acceptable enough. The story this time leads me quite far away from everything I know and am used to. … Read More

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