Live like locals – Baltic Sea Region as a tourism destination for the Japanese

Building on the success of the work done during a preceding project BaltMet Promo, ONE BSR targets the Japanese tourism professionals with the aim of packaging the region as one destination. Using a concept “Live like locals”, the tourism products created in the project are based on the special features of the lifestyles of the region and enable tourists to experience the region like the locals themselves do.

 The activities are conducted by Foresight Marketing Co. Ltd that won the tendering process organized. Managing Director Mr. Noto Shigeyoshi and Project Manager Ms. Mari Lihr both have extensive knowledge of destination promotion and they were also both involved in the preceding BaltMet Promo project. They will cooperate with business partners from three cities of the Region: Riga, Warsaw and Helsinki, the lead partner of the project.

 The project activities include contacting and involving Japanese local tourism operators in product development workshops, in order to commercialize the concept “Live like locals”. The concept was developed based on market and supply research conducted during the preceding project. In addition to the product development workshops, the activities include for example a marketing campaign in Japan and a FAM trip organized for Japanese tour operators.

 The marketing events organized in Japan in fall 2011 proved the BSR appeal very concretely. Many business partners both in the Baltic metropolises and in Japan expressed to be very interested in selling the BSR products for Japanese customers. Foresight Marketing aims to reactivate this interest.