Overcoming the language barrier

For international talents, finding employment in Finland is often hindered by lack of Finnish language skills. Within the ONE BSR, the University of Helsinki is coordinating a project that aims to increase regional cooperation in order to provide solutions for this challenge faced by the many talented and educated immigrants to Finland.

The theme of the project, Finnish language teaching and learning, is developed in four workshops with the representatives of higher education institutions, the public and private sectors coming together to combine their views and ideas on the theme.

The topics of the workshops have included e.g. conceptualising customised language learning paths for different occupations, and finding ways for employers and colleagues to give support to an international employee developing his/her Finnish language skills.

Aino Jones, on of the workshop participants and a general linguistics student at the University of Helsinki, says:

‘It is very clear that all participants are passionate about improving the employability of international talent in terms of language skills. The will to create solutions and deepen cooperation between the different stakeholders seems almost tangible.’

Policy recommendations will be formed based on the workshop discussions in order to develop Finnish language learning and teaching within the Helsinki metropolitan area.