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Investment Pilot

The underlying idea of the Investment Pilot project was to join forces in promoting the region as an interesting investment location and thus attract foreign direct investment to the Baltic Sea Region.

Impressive guidebook to attract investments

To raise awareness of the region and its competitive advantages, a Baltic Sea Region Investor’s Guide was produced. The content of the guide was written based on a research about the factors influencing investment decisions and another research gathering information about the offering in the region. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Investor’s Guide introduces and highlights business and investment opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region, brought to you by the cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malmö, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Vilnius and Warsaw.The Guide is divided into two sections. The first section introduces and describes the Baltic Sea Region and the 11 Baltic Metropoles. The second section describes the Baltic Sea Region through seven key investment drivers.
Baltic Sea Region – Investor’s Guide  (pdf, 4 Mb)

30 November 2012:  New version of the guide has been published for the years 2012-13

Matchmaking in trade fairs proved to be a success

International trade fairs are a commonly used method for investment promotion and were thought to be a good tool in promoting a larger region to international investors as well. Two events were selected to be the test events during the BaltMet promo project, namely MIPIM, the world’s leading real estate exhibition and conference, in Cannes, France and the Hannover Messe Industrie (HMI), the world’s largest industry trade fair in Germany. An investor’s panel was arranged during both fairs to introduce the strongholds and highlights of the region. The panels attracted a nice number of participants and were received well among the participants.

What proved to be a good instrument was a matchmaking tool aiming at enabling enterprises and investors from abroad to get in contact with enterprises from the Baltic Sea Region. With more than 500 meetings held by the 92 participants and an average of 5.5 meetings per participant, the Matchmaking Event was clearly a success.

Reserach Reports

Why Do Firms Invest in the Baltic Sea Region? Research Report Published

In this report Baltic Sea Region is consisting of the following countries and regions: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, and the regions of St Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and Kaliningrad in Russia.The factors affecting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Baltic Sea Region were investigated in three ways. First, the factors affecting FDI in general. Secondly, the characteristics of FDI in the Baltic Sea Region. Thirdly, the investment motives through two firm questionnaires: firms participating in the MIPIM real estate fairs and Finnish firms active in the Baltic Sea Region (Finpro register).
Why Do Firms Invest in the Baltic Sea Region? (pdf)

Analysis of the investment drivers in 11 Cities

Analysis of the investment drivers in 11 cities of the Baltic Sea Region i.e., Berlin, Helsinki, Riga, Warsaw, Vilnius, Stockholm, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo, Malmo and St. Petersburg.
Analysis of the investment drivers in 11 Cities (pdf)




Hannover Messe



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