How well is the Baltic Sea Region known in the US tourism market?

The results of a recent US market study show that the Baltic Sea Region is still rather unknown destination for the US tour operators. The US Tourism Market Demand study was carried out by the ONE Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) project in order to gain knowledge of the US market concerning the demand on roundtrips through the Baltic Sea Region and the perception of Baltic Sea Region metropoles. The main focus of the study were the five stakeholder cities of the ONE BSR project (Hamburg, Helsinki, Riga, Warsaw and St. Petersburg).

The main results of the study are:

  • Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is rather unknown in the US
  • BSR is a destination mainly tourists who visit Europe for the 2nd or 3rd time
  • Most known / attractive cities are Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and St. Petersburg
  • Co-operations / combined routes within the Baltic Sea Region regarding common topics or geographical proximities are useful
  • Combining topics are history and culture, seasonal events, roots and heritage
  • Cruise market is important – cruises are a gate to the BSR cities
  • Market push (B2B approach) as well as market pull (media/press) recommended
  • Central One BSR Website as basis for all marketing activities is recommended in the long term

See more here: ONE BSR Market Research_Final Presentation