New film: What connects the Baltic Sea Region?

Water, nature, common history or herring – could these elements serve as building blocks for the common Baltic Sea identity?

In the new film of the One Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) project, people around the area explain what they think connects the different countries, which landmarks best describe the region, and which elements could be used for BSR identity building and branding.

“You can’t pinpoint the Baltic Sea Region’s common identity, but you can get the sense and feeling when you experience literature, music or art projects”, says Pernille Skov, one of the respondents in the film, from the Danish Center of Applied Artistic Innovation.

“If you are travelling around the Baltic Sea, you can create such an identity”, says Christian Pletzing from Academia Baltica, based in Lübeck, Germany. “You see how many things are similar in the cities – the churches, the names of the streets and the cultural landscape – as the histories of these cities were always connected by the people.”

In the film, shot during the Kick-Off Event for the new Priority Area Culture in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region on 18 April in Berlin (Germany), the people were asked what they would show to their Australian friend visiting the region for the first time and why. Where can the visitor find the Baltic Sea identity, what are the places and events that he or she should definitely experience?

The film is the second in a series of four, each filmed at the ONE BSR project’s Policy Round Table events, tackling the issue of identity and branding from different angles. Through the films, discussions and interviews, ONE BSR wants to develop new ideas and common elements for marketing and branding the Baltic Sea region for tourists, investors, talents and locals.

See the film: