New business ideas for the Baltic Sea Region

WP_20130928_018Tallinn Business IncubatorAs a result of the networking and product development event IdeaMarket, held in Tallinn, Estonia 27-28 September, five new business ideas were created, that are useful for the whole Baltic Sea Region.

IdeaMarket brought together inspirational speakers, mentors from different areas as well as young and ambitious people all over Europe.

First day of the event was dedicated to inspiration, getting to know each other and pitching the first business ideas to find team members.

Johannes Savolainen from the Finnish business accelerator Royal Majestics spoke about how to create additional value to the service or product and also about the relevance of the good team. Fernanda Torre, the expert on experience design gave some great ideas on how to change the attitude of clients and consumers through the experience crafted around a product or a service.

Mike Reiner from the Estonian accelerator Startup Wise Guys carried out idea pitching workshop, he also gave feedback to the participants on their elevator pitches.

Heikki Haldre, the CEO of the successful company shared his own experience on starting an international business and creating a new product.

Using the business speed dating method, international teams were created around the pitched business ideas so that each team had at least a designer, a business manager and an engineer. As the teamwork began, different professionals from the fields of engineering, business, management and design were guiding the teams.

Winning team produces mobile and flexible massage tables

At the end of the second day five different business ideas were presented to the judging panel. Among the ideas were a textile brand, an agency for freelancers and a company whose idea was to reuse coffee packages in making purses and wallets.

WP_20130928_067Tallinn Business IncubatorThe overall winner was the team behind 3D Treatment Systems, who will produce mobile and flexible massage tables. The developers of Storytree, a digital interactive children books platform, were also highly praised and were given a chance to take part of the BalticLab 2.0 networking weekend in December.

All teams continue their co-operation. The event illustrated that co-operation between people from different cultures will result in excellent business ideas that are useful for the whole Baltic Sea region.

The IdeaMarket was organised as part of the EU Baltic Sea Region programme project One Baltic Sea Region by Tallinn Business Incubators. For more information about the IdeaMarket, see

Photos: Tallinn Business Incubators