Investment Promotion Agencies meet to discuss Cleantech and Growth Capital

On 5 November, Investment Promotion Agencies of the Baltic Sea Region will gather to the fourth BSR IPAs meeting in Copenhagen. The Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) of the region meet regularly to identify possible areas for regional cooperation, and to increase the attractiveness of the area for the investors.

The objective of the upcoming meeting is to discuss Cleantech and Sustainability as a prioritised sectors for investment promotion as well as to identify the possibilities of Growth Capital investments within the sector and the opportunities in a wider perspective.

In cooperation with the meeting’s host, Baltic Development Forum, Oxford Research will create a report on Cleantech investments in the Baltic Sea Region which will serve as a solid ground for discussions during the meeting. The report maps and analyses the number and nature of Cleantech investments in the region as well as aims to identify possibilities for further cooperation.

To initiate the exchange of best practise and share success stories, three major stakeholder companies within the sector will provide information about their work within Cleantech, sustainability and green Technologies. Representatives of Copenhagen Capacity, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and State of Green will be present and contribute to discussions with thematic presentations.

To facilitate participant’s interaction, two workshop timeslots are included in the programme to challenge the present IPAs on identifing possibilities for further cooperation. Please see the programme and list of participants.

The BSR IPAs initiative is part of the ONE BSR project and its aim is to enable the IPAs to meet regularly to exchange best practice and information on how the investment promotion work is organised and pursued, as well as to find areas where the IPAs should join efforts thereby increasing the success in attracting investments to the region.

For further information and registration, please contact Katarzyna Dygul, Project Manager, kdy(at)