ONE BSR partners and stakeholders met in Copenhagen in the third project meeting

copenhagen-project-meeting_200xFor two days in September, the Danish capital was the home of the ONE BSR project as the partners gathered in Copenhagen for the third project meeting.

In addition to internal working sessions of the project, the Talent and Investment workpackages organized a joint workshop that was also opened up to the Danish stakeholders.

Jenni_small“Many times the projects don’t share their ideas and results with the outside world before the end of the project”, says Ms. Jenni Jäänheimo, the project manager from the City of Helsinki.

“But we have to reach out already before the final results. Thus, in Copenhagen we invited our Talent and Investment Workpackage stakeholders to participate in a joint workshop. We get instant feedback from our stakeholders, that helps to steer our work and stakeholders learn about our aims and results.”

The workshop was successful in identifying the connections and synergies between attracting talent and foreign investment, as well as the tools to jointly coordinate them. Investments are talent driven, so HR tools for international talent management in companies and at universities can help to retain and attract talents.

Additionally, a regional cluster could mobilize the cross border cooperation to create a “talent flow” within the whole region as well as solve the common problems of the BSR countries and to ensure the success of foreign investment. Intensifying the cooperation can attract a bigger share of global FDI and decrease costs for all parties.

Nikolaj Lubanski_smallOne of the stakeholders invited in the meeting, Mr. Nikolaj Lubanski, Director of the Talent Department in Copenhagen Capacity, commented the workshop:

“It’s so hard to attract the right people, there is so much competition both nationally and internationally, that we sort of lose focus on whom exactly are we competing with. These kind of coordinated efforts to join forces at a regional scale are really the way forward – we need to tell a common story of the Baltic Sea Region.”

Micah_150xAlso Mr. Micah Gland, CEO of the Greater Helsinki Promotion and one of the partners in the ONE BSR’s Investment Workpackage, was happy with the joint workshop:

“Talent is one of the main drivers of international investments into the Baltic Sea Region. It was good to exchange ideas on that topic, both with colleagues within the project but also with the Danish colleagues.”

First results of the US tourism market studies

During the meeting, the Tourism workpackage introduced some very interesting results from the US market demand and supply studies. Based on the studies, the Baltic Sea Region is still rather unknown in the US market. To make the area more known, closer co-operation between the BSR countries would be needed, as well as a central Baltic Sea Region website. This information was also helpful for targeting the US marketing activities in the upcoming US travel fairs VEMEX and USTOA (, See more of the study results at

BSR identity building and branding with the help of Social Media

In the meeting the project partners were coached for using social media for networking, reaching out to stakeholders and embracing the project’s “bottom-up” approach for BSR identity building and branding process, by Mr. Kalle Kastikainen from Flowhouse. Additionally, the new ONE BSR film on branding the region had its premiere in the meeting (see

Kuva Matti Ollinkari 2009_smallTo broaden the idea of the common Baltic Sea Region to the locals and to their actions is one of the future challenges of the ONE BSR. As Matti Ollinkari, the head of International Affairs of the City of Helsinki said in the project meeting’s final session:

“ONE BSR is the flagship project of the Horizontal Action Promo of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy. Our work is to make people understand the idea and the benefits of the common Baltic Sea Region. ONE BSR is the engine of the whole Horizontal Action Promo work that has only begun; it’s a long journey.“

The next ONE BSR project meeting will take place in Riga in February 2013. The final conference will be held during summer 2014, so keep following our website and social media accounts!