New stories wanted for the ONE BSR blog

Are you living in the Baltic Sea Region? Do you have stories from your everyday life that you would like to share? If you answer these questions with “yes,” you might be our new ONE BSR blogger!

ONE Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) project and the newsWave news portal currently have 19 bloggers writing about their life, experiences and various compelling topics in and about the Baltic Sea Region. Every blog post is written and published through the newsWave portal, and is made public also at the ONE BSR website and social media sites.

To get stories from every corner of the Baltic Sea Region, we are currently looking for new bloggers. This call is for people who write well in English, and have the desire to tell their views about culture, traditions, special local aspects, customs, and anything that is part of the experience of living in the region. To get a taste of the current blogs, visit newsWave.

Bloggers do not have to be originally from the region, nor have prior experience in blogging, or be of a specific age. However, preference will be given to writers from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Norway, as currently there are more ONE BSR bloggers from the other BSR countries.

Apply now to join the ONE BSR and newsWave blogger community!

Link to the Application Form

For questions please contact:
Naomi Vernon, ARS BALTICA (Germany)