Live like locals with the Japanese tourists

pic_Livelikelocals-reportThe final report of the Live Like Locals project sums up the transnational tourism product development carried out in two projects, BaltMet Promo from 2010 to 2011 and the ONE BSR in 2013.

The report gives a detailed description on the background of the pilot project and how it was carried out. It also provides useful tips how similar transnational projects should be organized, and what are their challenges.

Based on the extensive demand and supply researches conducted during the BaltMet Promo, the Live Like Locals concept was developed. It captured special features of the lifestyles of the Baltic Sea Region and showed how to enjoy these places “as the locals do”. It was targeted for small groups or individual female tourists of 20-40 years of age.

The marketing events organized in Japan as part of the BaltMet Promo, proved that the Baltic Sea Region is seen as an attractive destination. The ONE BSR project continued from here by activating the tourism operators of the BSR, organizing marketing campaigns in Japan and by developing the Live like locals concept further in product development workshops.

As a result, some tour operators have been inspired by the Live Like Locals theme and planned new catalog based on it. For example the tourism office of the City of Helsinki made a suggestion for a one week program to experience the Live Like Locals theme in Helsinki. Besides, thanks to the project, a co-operation network has been set up as well as new ideas for future projects and collaboration.

Futhermore, inspired by the familiriazation and press trips organized in 2013 for Japanese tour operators and journalists to the Baltic Sea Region, the region has gained visibility in Japan through blogging as well as printed publications, like the  Japan Airlines inflight magazine which published a reportage on the  cities of Helsinki, Warsaw, and Riga in its March 2014 issue.

See the report:

Picture: Familiarization trip to the Live Like Locals products for the Japanes travel trade