First step towards common Helsinki-Tallinn database

A new publication presents facts and figures of the twin city area Helsinki-Tallinn.

The area is currently one of the most exciting entities of the Baltic Sea region. Different dynamics in the economies attract also complementary international investments and companies into the cities.

“We are different enough, to be of interest to each other, and similar enough to make cooperation possible,” says Edgar Savisaar, Mayor of Tallinn, in the forewords of the publication.

“Finland is the most important trading partner for Estonia. More than 4 000 companies with the Finnish shareholding have been registered in Estonia. Over 7.5 million trips are annually made between Helsinki and Tallinn. And Tallinn’s students from abroad include mostly students from Finland – more than 700.”

“Drawing on compatible statistics on Helsinki and Tallinn we could say that these two cities already today make up a continuous metropolitan region,” says Jussi Pajunen, the Mayor of Helsinki.

Helsinki-Tallinn-cover“But further development requires a good, compatible and up-to-date information base about both cities and their functional urban regions. The aim is to provide this evolving information base as open data.”

The joint publication “Helsinki – Tallinn – Facts and Figures” is the first step towards establishing a continuously updated and open Helsinki-Tallinn database. The goal is to create an information service describing the twin city development which at its best would offer interoperable open data for various applications making everyday life of the citizens and visitors easier.

The publication is available here.