New Think Tank will promote the Baltic Sea Region as the world leader in ICT

BDF-summit_040614Top of Digital Europe is a new Think Tank initiative that will address key topics related to ICT as a driver for growth and competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region. It was launched on 3 June 2014 by Baltic Development Forum (BDF) and Microsoft at the 16th BDF Summit in Turku, Finland, during a high level plenary session on the digital economy.

“The Nordic/Baltic region is one of the world’s leading ICT powerhouses”, says Craig Shank, VP and Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft International, and one of the speakers of the summit.

”In the last decade, Microsoft has invested more deeply in this region than in any other part of the world. I am convinced that Top of Digital Europe will be a source of inspiration to overcome the challenges together.”

“The digital sector is crucial for our economy. With still tougher global competition, we must work hard to maintain our leading position as a world leading ICT region”, says Lene Espersen, Chairman of BDF and former Minister of Economy and Business Affairs of Denmark.

“We need to focus on joint business-society opportunities and actions. Together we can release a huge potential by joint cross-border efforts within talents, Big Data, e-governance and other key areas within the ICT sector. Top of Digital Europe will bring forward ideas and showcases to inspire Europe and the world.”

Top of Digital Europe will

  •  identify key issues and develop solutions related to ICT as a growth driver and the digital economy
  • strengthen competitiveness through innovative cross-border actions
  • be agenda-setting by creating and stimulating a dynamic discussion on growth through ICT
  • address decision makers at regional, national and European level as well as key stakeholders

The first report of the Think Tank – “Searching for the Micro Multinationals” – was presented at the Summit. The report is elaborated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on behalf of BDF and Microsoft. It addresses the challenges faced by SMEs in the ICT sector when they want to grow and expand across borders. It can be accessed at


Craig Shank, VP & Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft International, at the 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit & 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR in Turku, Finland (3 June 2014)

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Image: Baltic Development Forum