IPA Forum 2014 – Towards a more competitive Baltic Sea Region

SS_20140609_IPA_Forum_2014_3293_Seppo-Samuli-GHP_250xOver 100 inward investment promotion professionals from around the Baltic Sea Region gathered together in IPA Forum 2014 held on 9-10 June in Helsinki, Finland. The forum focused on strengthening interaction and cooperation within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) by sharing best practices, networking and creating synergies between participating organizations.

The conference provided insightful keynotes on the economic state of the Baltic Sea Region, and generated discussion about the possibilities for regional cooperation. Introduction of the latest State of the Region Report  by Baltic Development Forum and the presentation of FDI trends in the region provided valuable input for further discussions on how to deal with a changing global economic environment in the field of investment attraction.SS_20140609_IPA_Forum_2014_2665_Seppo-Samuli-GHP_250x

Topics on megatrends and their implications to the work of IPAs, insights into corporate perspective on BSR as an investment location and lead generation and pipeline management, gave much food for thought.


The presentations by the keynote speakers of the first day are available here :

New ideas discussed in thematic workshopsSS_20140610_IPA_Forum_2014_3129_Seppo-Samuli_GHP_250x

IPA Forum’s second day provided an opportunity to deepen the discussions on what Baltic Sea Region as a whole has to offer and what collective activities could be done to enhance the competitiveness of the region.

The forum participants discussed the issues within 5 thematic workshop tracks:

  •  Attracting ICT investments in the new era of ICT
  •  Attracting Growth Capital investments
  •  The innovation game – competing for R&D investments
  •  What does success mean in investment promotion? – Measuring & reporting FDI, it’s impact and the contribution of IPAs
  •  Marketing as a tool in investment attraction

Workshops encouraged participants to identify and discuss areas of concrete collaboration possibilities, and laid the ground for many interesting ideas, such as establishing a standardized way for measuring and tracking FDI results with the help of a jointly funded database, and organizing an annual IPA conference for continued cooperation and information sharing.

Closer cooperation between the IPAs wanted

SS_20140610_IPA_Forum_2014_3155_Seppo-Samuli_GHP_250xAccording to the feedback, over 70% considered networking and meeting colleagues already alone a strong reason to participate in the event. The overall positive feedback from the IPA Forum 2014 signals that a direction towards a more globally competitive Baltic Sea Region through cooperation and joined forces is a welcomed idea. Whether joining forces means a collective database, an annual industry event, common sales arguments or something entirely different, awaits for further discussions.

All the materials from the event are available for download here.

See photos from the event at www.investinbsr.com/ipaforum/picture-gallery/

IPA Forum 2014 was organized as part of the ONE BSR –project.

Photos: Seppo Samuli / Greater Helsinki Promotion