A region of opportunities

Inward investment promotion professionals from around the Baltic Sea Region and beyond were brought together by the ONE BSR’s IPA Forum 2014 in Helsinki. The event was targeted at anyone working in the field of inward investment promotion. On the latest ONE BSR Round Table Talks video, seven international professionals share their views on the Baltic Sea Region as a business environment.

From an investor’s perspective, what is special about the Baltic Sea region? Here’s a preview to the comments on the topics discussed on the ONE BSR video:

“People perceive this region to be very honest” Anne Plough, Entrepreneur & International Business Development Professional of International VC Zone

“Tradition in architecture and modern design” Frans van der Avert, CEO of Amsterdam Marketing

“Cultural crossing between west and east” Olivier Bonfils, Senior Business Advisor of Helsinki Business Hub

”Big market, big hub of innovation, stable and transparent countries” Alan Aleksandrowicz, CEO of Invest GDA

“Diversity” Kathrin Deter, blogger at Newswave & Luminoucity

“Quality. In all senses.” Agne Selemonaite, Brand Manager of Invest Lithuania

“A region of good news!” Micah Gland CEO of Helsinki Business Hub


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Home by the common lake: Meet four talents from the Baltic Sea Region

Who are the talented students and professionals that the universities, companies and cities around the Baltic Sea Region are trying to attract and keep in the area? The ONE Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) –project invited four talents from and outside the region to Gdansk last October to talk about their experiences in studying and working in the area. The latest ONE BSR –film tells about the dreams and motivations of these young professionals.

– I wanted to become a trainer of lions or tigers to work in a circus, says Anna, originally from Russia. Instead of working for the circus, Anna holds a PhD in Biotechnology, and currently works as a post-doctoral researcher in the Division of Pharmacology at Uppsala University in Sweden, with her Swedish Institute scholarship.

– My dream is that in the future I’m working with something that I really love, says Timo from Finland, who has studied European Urban Cultures at several universities in the Baltic Sea region and abroad. Recently his Helsinki blog was selected among the best city blogs in the world by The Guardian.

– For me a talented person is someone who does ordinary things extraordinary well, says Marvin from Uganda. Currently Marvin studies Public Health in Sweden at Lund University with his Swedish Institute Scholarship, and continues into his seventh year advocating for Youth Sexuality, Life Skills, and Reproductive Health education in Uganda.

– I see the Baltic Sea as a big lake, with different countries around it, but in the end they are all neighbours living next to each other with a lot of common history and traditions. Baltic Sea means home to me, says Polish Maciek. He studied law in Poland and in Germany with his German Academic Exchange (DAAD) scholarship, interned with the Embassy of Poland in Sweden and is now a lawyer in Gdansk.

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The ONE BSR project (www.onebsr.eu) is an umbrella project, within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region Programme and the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, for branding the Baltic Sea Region, with which various stakeholders can get attached. It aims to produce elements for the Baltic Sea Region image and identity.

Searching for the identity of Baltic Sea Region – the first ONE BSR film is now online

Baltic Sea Region is the second most popular cruise destination in the world, right after the Caribbean. It may become even more popular if branded and promoted as one unity.

Seventeen cities and institutions from around Baltic Sea have now joined their forces to search for ideas and images for a common identity. In the ONE Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) project, they aim to create dialogue and find common features between the different countries, nations and identities, and thus improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of the region for tourists, talents, investors and locals.

“If we unite, our uniqueness will become interesting for the whole world”, says Svetlana Zhurkina from the Committee for External Relations, City of St. Petersburg, in the first ONE BSR film, now available at www.vimeo.com/onebsr.

The ONE BSR film opens the identity building dialogue by suggesting some features for a common Baltic Sea image:

“People live in the cities and work in the offices, but they are still very close to nature and enjoy and try to preserve nature. You don’t see this in US, it is very attractive”, says Anne Mathias, Director of Washington Research Guggenheim Partners from Washington D.C.

As Matti Ollinkari, Head of International Relations, City of Helsinki, points out, building a stronger Baltic Sea Region is one way to approach Europe and make it better known in Europe and globally.

“Baltic Sea Region is one fifth from the whole Europe and a very important part of it. We will make every effort for the common good of the region”, says Ollinkari.

ONE BSR is co-funded by the EU via the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 covering the whole Baltic Sea Region (BSR). ONE BSR project is led by the City of Helsinki.

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