Identity building dialogue

Aim: The overall aim is to fuel dialogue on BSR branding elements and to increase understanding of many diverse identities in the Region.

The specific aim is to use the project results for stimulating and concretizing the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) branding discussions. In the framework of branding and identity building, four policy round tables are organized back-to-back with already existing BSR summits. Team introduces provoking elements on BSR images and identities, based on the project learnings as well as interventions from prominent researchers. Branding and identity building dialogue is facilitated, documented by students and researchers and shared to broader public, for instance via Wiki and Linkedin applications.

BaltMet Network co-ordinate horizontal activities of the EUSBSR with regards to “regional identity”. ONE BSR contributes as an umbrella project towards this aim.

Current challenge: The BSR branding and identity building has remained in many parts as an empty talk. In addition, very few citizens of the region are aware of the ongoing BSR branding attempts.

Change: Branding and identity building talks shall be provoked with concrete cases from real life, giving room for various BSR images and identities. ONE BSR will actively use web and social media in order to involve especially the young people in the region.

What was done in BaltMet Promo regarding identity building

Branding and identity building dialogue

Coordinator: ARS BALTICA (DE)
Partners: Baltic Development Forum (DK), Business Support and Credit Management Foundation (Tallinn based incubator for Creative industries) (EE), City of Helsinki (FI), City of Warsaw (PL), Forum Virium Helsinki (FI), Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (LV)

Contact: Franziska Schindler, ARS BALTICA Secretariat, +49-4331-1438 31, Franziska.Schindler(at)arsbaltica.net