Talent retention

Aim: The overall aim of talent retention is to improve the image of the Baltic Sea Region as an open, international and skilled higher education area. In order to achieve this, key stakeholders need to get engaged in making the image (brand) true. Both talent attraction and retention policies form the foundation for the successful BSR branding.

The specific aim of the work package is to increase triple helix cooperation in talent retention by facilitating better policy-making processes and providing tools that will make cities, development agencies, businesses, universities and ministries to work better together.

Mutual trust is built throughout the talent retention co-operation between various stakeholders. This may ease the future co-operation also in the matters of talent attraction, where even more conflicting interests might lie.

Current challenge: The major challenges surrounding international talent retention are quite well known and many of the retention tools are actually already in the disposal of the employers, both public and private. However, attention in many countries and metropolitan areas concerning the local cooperation policies in providing these services has been neglected. There is not a broad understanding on how triple helix approach could meet the different challenges of talent retention in the BSR.

Change: Increased understanding on triple helix mechanisms in talent retention and better tools for addressing the issue in different parts of the region

The Advisory Board of the Talent retention -workpackage has the following members:

  • Mr Mait Palts, Director of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonia, CV
  • Ms Annika Forsander, Head of the Centre of Expertise on Immigrant Integration, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland, CV
  • Mr Wolfgang Blank, CEO of BioCon Valley GmbH, Germany
  • Mr Anders Paalzow,  Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia, CV
  • Mr Daumantas Matulis, Dr, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ms Krystyana Wroblewska, Head of Department of International Cooperation, Marshal Office of Pomorskie, Gdansk, Poland, CV
  • Ms Ylva Williams, CEO of Stockholm Science City Foundation, Sweden, CV
  • Ms Sarah Gade Hansen, Chief Consultant of Dansk Industri, Denmark
  • Ms Tine Horwitz, CEO of Consortium for Global Talent, Denmark, CV

In the BaltMet Promo -project the talent section was focused on Baltic Sea Region and Japanese Film Talents
Guidebook on film coproduction in the Baltic Sea Region published in English and Japanese

Talent retention
Coordinator: Swedish Institute (SE)
Partners: City of Stockholm (SE), Helsinki Research and Education Area (FI), Praxis (EE), ScanBalt (DK)


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