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The Baltic Sea Region comprises eleven European nations with more than 100 million inhabitants. These nations share many historical ties: in pre-Christian times, the Amber Road ran along the coastline of the Baltic Sea. During the middle ages, merchant guilds founded the Hanseatic League, which ruled over the sea trade routes in the Baltic region. Even today, the nations of the Baltic Sea Region are a part of this important cultural and historic heritage.

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Founded in about 500 A.D., Hamburg is captivating because the seafaring romantic exists to this day. The River Elbe crosses the city near the mouth of the North Sea, which is why Hamburg developed into one of the world’s biggest ports. Besides the river many canals find their way through the city, most of them ending in the beautiful Lake Alster situated directly in the heart of the city. Many different cultural influences and historic epochs gave this impressive and fascinating city its distinctive face.

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Throughout its 450-year history, maritime Helsinki has swung between the currents of eastern and western influences. Life in the second-most-northern capital city in the world is full of contrasts and fascinating cultures. Influences from both the east and west are visible in the city’s architecture, cuisine, events, traditions and many other elements that are unique to the way of life in Helsinki.

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Riga – European Capital of Culture in 2014 – has been a city of inspiration for more than 800 years.

It has always attracted travelers, urging them to linger, remain or come back. A vibrant metropolis with a rich cultural and historical heritage, which is evident in the city’s architecture and cultural life.

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St. Petersburg

Founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703, St. Petersburg has experienced many dramatic historical events, including the palace intrigues of Catherine the Great, the influence of Rasputin on the Russian royal family and his mysterious murder, and the October Revolution of 1917, which brought the communists to power. Today, the former capital of Tsarist Russia is known as the centre of Russian art, culture and literature.

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Warsaw is a modern and fast-developing metropolis that cherishes its traditions and rich cultural heritage. This is where an eventful history of freedom-loving people and exquisite art blend with vibrant tourist attractions befitting a capital city.

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Baltic Sea Region Itineraries

Possible BSR itineraries cover among others the topics “Maritime”, “Architecture & Design”, “Live like Locals” and “Culture & Heritage”. Discover the diversity!

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